Vi0011 Civetta-Villas in Nai Harn Now finished build

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Vi0011 Civetta-Villas in Nai Harn Now finished build
เทศบาลนครภูเก็ต อำเภอเมืองภูเก็ต ภูเก็ต ประเทศไทย
For sale 16,400,000฿ from - Villa
Vi0011 324 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms

Civetta Villas is a “PILOT” project, where invested in not visible but the most important part of the house.
There are 6 detached villas with 3 bedrooms each

EUROPEAN SYSTEMS  for :  Electric, Hydraulic, Canalization, Energy saving, Safety  which been designed and supervised by Italian engineers. 

The houses can be called SMART not because of  electric, air con , alarm control,  but because the houses are built with the latest  MATERIALS (pipes, cables) valid for 50 years up  and the INSTALLATION done to the latest European standards.   All systems can be easy maintained and fixed at low cost without breaking the walls, ceilings as the Thai systems does.

The villas are updated to the latest construction and infrastructure standards.  And all new technologies which are coming so fast will be easy and cheap to integrate in the future.

Price Range 16,4 – 18,9 mln.THB

You get 3 YEARS Guarantee for the systems.

– Centralized 40,000L water storage tank with TWO steps water filtration
– Municipal and rain water collection

– Centralized IMHOFF septic tank with Anaerobic bacteria
– Connection to the municipal drain

– Centralized Electric and Water meters
–  Project’s Centralized Electric Main Distribution Board
–  Project’s underground cables and lines

– “Life Saver” system protecting people from Electric shock
–  European Load Center in each house, in  plastic box, which doesn’t conduct electricity
–  European  made electrical panels and elements

–  Circuit Breakers protecting appliances from high voltage
–  Under floor wiring with branch boxes on the wall inside the house
–  Thermostat Water storage heaters
( energy saving with instant hot water supply in all bathrooms and kitchen)

–  Energy saving light bulbs
–  Emergency light in each house
–  Fire alarm system in each house
–  Automatic heat detector in each house

– PPR (polypropylene) water pipes, resistant to high water pressure, corrosion and high temperatures
– Drain waste ventilation in all pipes

– Multilayer pipes for air conditions

– Specification of highest quality materials and recognized brands, advised by  Italian interior designer
– Options for tile’s colors combinations to choose from
– Italian made tiles size  1 X 1 m and 3 X 1 m
– German Kitchen with appliances packages

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Agent Guy JUNG

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